Seminar on Algorithms and Data Structures

A referative seminar on interesting results in the field of algorithms and data structures [NDMI093]. You choose a paper to study and then you present it to your colleagues. You may speak in Czech, Slovak, or English (preferred).

We meet on Tuesdays at 10:40 in S322.

Warning: We talk about recent research results, so the topics are usually quite advanced. Decent knowledge of theoretical computer science is expected, which corresponds to what is taught in the first year of master's study (e.g., Data Structures 1 [NTIN066]). Therefore the seminar is usually attended by students of our master's programmes and of higher years of bachelor's programmes. This is no formal rule, but if you decide to attend earlier, it can be pretty tough. Still, if you are feeling brave, we will be glad to provide help.


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