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Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
has never danced in the rain.

(author unknown)

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Hello and welcome here, my friend. But please keep in mind that this page is continuously under construction, most of the information is either wrong, terribly biased, obsolete, out-dated or at least it contains dead links. However, feel free to join the world-wide game of weaving the Web and take a look.

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2024-04-16Released edid-1.2 – VESA EDID decoder.
2024-04-05Released pciutils-3.12.0 – utilities for managing PCI devices.
2024-02-28Released isolate-2.0 – a contest sandbox.
2024-02-17Released owl – a web site for submitting and grading homework.
2023-11-20Dodecalendar for year 2024
2023-09-22Released checkmail-1.12 – a utility for displaying status of mailboxes.
2023-08-10Released nsc-5.1 – a practical generator of DNS zones and BIND configuration files.
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