Seminar on Algorithms and Data Structures

A referative seminar on interesting results in the field of algorithms and data structures. You choose a paper to study and then you present it to your colleagues. You may speak in Czech, Slovak, or English (preferred).

We meet on Thursdays at 14:00 in S321 (the west corridor on the 3rd floor).

Warning: We talk about recent research results, so the topics are usually quite advanced. Decent knowledge of theoretical computer science is expected, which corresponds to what is taught in courses in the first two years of bachelor's study. Therefore the seminar is usually attanded by students of our master's programmes and of higher years of bachelor's programmes. This is no formal rule, but if you decide to attend earlier, it can be pretty tough. Still, if you are feeling brave, we will be glad to provide help.

date speaker topic
16. 2. A bazaar of papers.
23. 2. No seminar today.
2. 3. Jiří Kalvoda B. Dudek, P. Gawrychowski, K. Pokorski: Strictly in-place algorithms for permuting and inverting permutations
9. 3. Tomáš Domes (in Czech) J. Holm, E. Rottenberg, A. Ryhl: Splay Top Trees
Viz též S. Alstrup et al.: Maintaining Information in Fully-Dynamic Trees with Top Trees
16. 3.
23. 3. No seminar today.
30. 3. Vojtěch Novotný (in Czech) S. Choi, H. Kang, D. Lim: Simple deterministic O(n log n) algorithm finding a solution of Erdős-Ginzburg-Ziv theorem
6. 4. Tomáš Zeman G. de Bernardo et al.: Faster compressed quadtrees
13. 4. Václav Janáček H. Yuan, M. Atallah: Data structures for range minimum queries in multidimensional arrays
20. 4. Alena Koniukhova F. Kammer, A. Sajenko: Linear-time in-place DFS and BFS on the word RAM
27. 4. Stepan Slepchenko M. Chrobak et al.: Optimal Search Trees with 2-Way Comparisons
4. 5. Orkhan Aliyev S. Marchini, S. Vigna: Compact Fenwick trees for dynamic ranking and selection
11. 5.
18. 5. Tomáš Domes P. Li, Y. Wu: A Four-Sweep LBFS Recognition Algorithm for Interval Graphs
Yuliia Alpaieva M. Bender, A. Conway, M. Farach-Colton: Tiny Pointers


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