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WARNING: Duplicate category: U

Type of Geek [GCM$/IT$/PA]

Geek of Computer Management, and I am getting paid for it.

Geek of Information Technology, and I am getting paid for it.

Geek of Performing Arts.


Dress [d]

I dress a lot like those found in catalog ads. Bland, boring, without life or meaning.

Shape [s+:+]

I'm a little taller, I'm rounder than most.

Age [a+]



Computers [C++++]

I'll be first in line to get the new cybernetic interface installed into my skull.


I have a VMS account. I use Sun OS/Solaris.

Perl [P+]

I know of Perl. I like Perl. I just haven't learned much Perl, but it is on my agenda.

Linux [L+++]

I use Linux exclusively on my system. I monitor comp.os.linux.* and even answer questions sometimes.

Emacs [E-]

Emacs is too big and bloated for my tastes.

World-Wide Web [W++++$]

Unknown value ++++, and I am getting paid for it.


Usenet News? Sure, I read that once.

USENET Oracle [o+]

I have been incarnated at least once.

Kibo [K]

I know who Kibo is.

Microsoft Windows [w]

Ok, so I use MS Windows, I don't have to like it.

OS/2 [O-]

Tried it, didn't like it.

Macintosh [M+++]

Unknown value +++.

VMS [V-]

Unix is much better than VMS for my computing needs.


Political and Social Issues [PS+++]

Legalize drugs! Abolish the government. `Fuck the draft!'.

Politics and Economic Issues [PE--]

Capitalism is evil! Government should provide the services we really need. Nobody should be rich.

Cypherpunks [Y++]

I am on the cypherpunks mailing list and active around Usenet. I never miss an opportunity to talk about the evils of Clipper and ITAR and the NSA. Orwell's 1984 is more than a story, it is a warning to our's and future generations. I'm a member of the EFF.


I've used it, but stopped long ago.


Star Trek [t]

It's just another TV show.

Babylon 5 [5+]

Babylon 5 certainly presents a fresh perspective in the Sci-Fi universe. I watch it weekly.

X-Files [X]

Ho hum. Just another Fox show.

Role Playing [R+++]

I've written and published my own gaming materials.

Television [tv+]

I watch some tv every day.

Books [b++]

I find the time to get through at least one new book a month.

Dilbert [DI--]

Don't read it, but I think the dog is kinda cute.

DOOM! [D+]

It's a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon.

The Geek Code [G+]

I was once G++ (or higher), but the new versions are getting too long and too complicated.


Education [e+/*]

Got an Associates degree.

I learned everything there is to know about life from the `Hitchhiker's Trilogy'.

Housing [h---]

Married, (persons living romantically with someone might as well label themselves h---, you're as good as there already.).

Relationships [r++]

I've dated my current S.O. for a long time.

Sex [y?]

Male. It's none of your business what my sex life is like.

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