Spectrum Projects

Lots of years ago (approximately between 1986 and 1992) I've written lots of programs for Sinclair ZX-Spectrum. These golden days of computers are lost forever, but let's be nostalgic for a while, there is a brief selection from my Spectrum works (available as assembly source in .tar.gz archives):

The Speed Tape Operating System – a somewhat tricky "operating system" for easy manipulation of software images stored on the tape allowing easy selection of recording speed, including small monitor and lots of other features. Probably the best hack I wrote.
Communication routines for various serial and parallel ports. I used to boot my Spectrum from my Amiga using one of these.
The Ram Disk Operating System – a simple operating system for the Spectrum 128 RAMdisk working as an extension to the 48K-mode BASIC commands. Much faster than the RAMdisk routines in the ROM.
A simple picture compressor.
The Graphics Library – a strange collection of various graphics primitives and screen effects.
A sprite editor – a simple one-evening hack.
The Music Editor – a multi-track sound editor (only editor, not player).
SuperPrint – a simple utility for printing magnified, slanted and in other ways distorted banners on Epson-compatible printers.
Gleanings Unsorted programs which didn't fit anywhere else.

All these programs have been put to the public domain.

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