MS-DOG Projects

Many years ago, I've also written some software for the MS-DOG (also known under the name Microsoft DOS, but it hasn't been written by MS nor it's worth calling an Operating System).

The programs are no longer supported, but someone could be interested in them and even want to download them. Many of these projects have been written in cooperation with Vojtech Pavlik.

IDEntify Issues an IDE Identify command and writes lots of info about the IDE disks.
MMAG Memory Magic – allows to control memory allocation strategy and loading programs to the place where you want them to be (not where DOS wants them to be). Also offers an accurate memory map and several other useful functions.
dels A batch file written to contradict the common belief that it isn't possible to write a batch file using only the standard commands of the DOS and deleting a whole directory tree with all files in it.
filter Another batch file written as a direct example of line-by-line processing of a text file. Very tricky.
calc My school project – a simple, but configurable calculator allowing dynamic modification of expression syntax (for example extending for complex number calculations). Documentation exists only in Czech and there are probably awful lots of bugs, but the basic ideas are very neat and worth re-implementing in a better way.
xxx2txt Conversion utilities from common hypertext formats (Norton Guide, Borland Help File and Tech Help) to plain ASCII text.
KEY A univesal configurable package of keyboard and font drivers. Allows easy and versatile redefinition of keymaps and fonts, includes not GUI-based keymap and font editors, but also keymap and font compilers allowing easy creation of multiple similar keymaps at once.
DosExt A bunch of useful extensions for Turbo Pascal: filename operations, max, min, integer logarithms, string operations, pattern matching, directory tree processing etc.
ExeStrip Executable file stripping utility. Strips off debug info, symbol tables and overlays.
Rawdisk Direct disk access from the DOS command line!
Metronom A metronome – an example of how to do precise timing in Pascal.
Ulcar Draws the Ulam's Prime Number Carpet – a neat picture where each dot corresponds to a natural number and its color is white iff it's a prime.
FPrint Redirects printer output to file
ArcMan A diskette archive manager. Database of archives stored on diskettes. Not too interesting at all.
TTS Text-To-Speech system – voice synthesis, screen and file reading utilities et cetera. Originally a commercial project developed by me and Vojtech in cooperation with Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, but now freely available including sources.
SCAS Software for scanning of monochrome pictures and viewing them on the screen with optional magnification. Originally a project to help weak-eyed people, but also a good example of VGA programming and image compression.

... and lots of other rather useless things.

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