The Geek Code Decoder

This is what your Geek Code spells (bookmarkable link):

Type of Geek [GIT/O]

Geek of Information Technology.

Geek of Other.


Dress [d-]

I'm usually in jeans and a t-shirt.

Shape [s++:++]

I'm a basketball candidate, I'm a linebacker candidate.

Age [!a]

It's none of your business how old I am.


Computers [C+++]

You mean there is life outside of Internet? You're shittin' me! I haven't dragged myself to class in weeks.


I've get the entire admin ticked off at me because I am always using all of the CPU time and trying to run programs that I don't have access to. I'm going to try cracking /etc/passwd next week, just don't tell anyone. I use Linux.

Perl [P+]

I know of Perl. I like Perl. I just haven't learned much Perl, but it is on my agenda.

Linux [L++]

I use Linux ALMOST exclusively on my system. I've given up trying to achieve Linux.God status, but welcome the OS as a replacement for DOS. I only boot to DOS to play games.

Emacs [E---]

Emacs sucks! vi forever!!!

World-Wide Web [W++(+++)]

Ranging from "I have a homepage. I surf daily. My homepage is advertised in my .signature" to "I am a WebMaster . Don't even think about trying to view my homepage without the latest version of Netscape. When I'm not on my normal net connection, I surf the web using my Newton and a cellular modem."


Usenet News? Sure, I read that once.

USENET Oracle [o?]

I don't know what's that.

Kibo [K+]

I like Kibo.

Microsoft Windows [w+]

I have installed my own custom sounds, wallpaper, and screen savers so my PC walks and talks like a fun house. Oh yeah, I have a hundred TrueType(tm) fonts that I've installed but never used. I never lose Minesweeper and Solitaire.

OS/2 [!O]

I refuse to have anything with that!

Macintosh [!M]

I refuse to have anything with that!


I've used VMS.


Political and Social Issues [!PS]

I refuse to have anything with that!

Politics and Economic Issues [!PE]

I refuse to have anything with that!

Cypherpunks [Y+]

I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but in reality I am not really all that active or vocal.


`Finger me for my public key'.


Star Trek [t@]

Mostly "It's just another TV show", but it varies.

Babylon 5 [5@]

Mostly "I've seen it, I am pretty indifferent to it," but it varies.

X-Files [X@]

Mostly "Ho hum. Just another Fox show," but it varies.

Role Playing [R@]

Mostly "Role-Playing? That's just something to do to kill a Saturday afternoon", but it varies.

Television [tv++]

I just leave the tv on, to make sure I don't miss anything.

Books [b+]

I enjoy reading, but don't get the time very often.

Dilbert [DI++]

I work with people that act a lot like Dilbert and his boss.

DOOM! [D+@]

Mostly "It's a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon," but it varies.

The Geek Code [G+(++)]

Ranging from "I was once G++ (or higher), but the new versions are getting too long and too complicated" to "I know what each letter means, but sometimes have to look up the specifics."


Education [e*]

I learned everything there is to know about life from the `Hitchhiker's Trilogy'.

Housing [h*]

I'm not sure where I live anymore. This lab/workplace seems like home to me.

Relationships [!r]

I've never had a relationship.

Sex [!z+]

Gender undisclosed. Sex? What's that? No experience, willing to learn.

The Code of the Geeks is a simple and compact way how to tell the others about your geeky personality. The Geek Code consists of a series of letters, numbers and symbols, each describing you in some category. Sometimes, it's a little cryptic to the uninitiated, and here comes our little tool to help you.

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